Saturday, August 8, 2009

My way of life

My way of life,

Changing from something to nothing, and from nothing to something.
Why should I be myself as myself are not belong to me?

Funding more knowledge for my life, and being cripple for whole life.
What is cripple in this life? Where one who don't follow the real way of life.

Life is about changing and uncertain indeed.
It's like the cloud and the sky, Where it changed so rapid and sudden.

Why people still want to argue when we know that we have so little time in this life?
Do they know that, we could kick the basket anytime from now?

Well, What is the way of life? For being someone for someone.
As a son, what will be your way of life?
As a father, what will be your way of life?
As a friend, what will be your way of life?

Living in the earth, the earth live within us.
Shall we be the way, or the way be with us?

Lead the way, or being lead?
Life is uncertain, while something is certain.
Born is, Sick is, Dead is.. What else is certain?

Well, that's the real way of life...
So what's life?

Ponder.. and ponder, what will be my way of life..

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