Thursday, August 27, 2009

tought of mine ii

if one day, i'm dead. what will the world become.

life's seems so dull. and i'm seems so worthless. who will remember me when i'm gone?

a human is so tiny. seems so funny but it a fact.

dying for hunger and no one cares. like the stray dogs loitering at the streets.

compared to the one who died from hunger in africa or any other countries. i felt that the stray dogs' life is better. and we as a human who haven't faced this fate shall be glad.

human should be happy with what they have now. but seems like they had being overcome by greed. they want more even if they have the sufficient parts of theirs.

well. human will be forever human unless they change their way of thinking and their atitude.


Shu ChinG said...

who will? I will.

Q said...

U happy with what you have now?