Friday, August 28, 2009

something on my mind

the night had came upon. with th wrath from the darkness. he wonder, why and how the world can be balance if it's not.

a human who have both faces of demon or angel. has chosen to be devil towards the globe. many had died because of one devil.

lust, power, greed had overcome every single weak soul and penetrated human hearts as swift as the speed of light and granting human with worse humanity towards not only the man kind but even our mother earth had been slowly affected.

go away you fool! no one are going to spread any mischievous towards the world. it's already too much and how would you pardon yourself from this mayhem?

rain drop. indicated that god is crying. again and again until that He splash his wrath towards on who disobeyed Him and cherish one who accept the blessing of His.

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