Monday, July 20, 2009

Tomorrow, Yesterday, More, Less

The older we grow, the less Tomorrow we have,
and the more Yesterday we have...

Well, lots of things come into my mind.
Life, learning how to be patient, how to overcome things.
Read about Buddha's teaching, where Buddha's not a God.
He's on who into Psychology of human mind.

Well, Lots of this teaching come into my head.
Only go for those which will help you to settle off your suffering.
He told me, death is a norm and it will happened anytime.
and my dad told me not to cry nor be sad when he's dead.
Well..? I have my second thought on that again..

Well, Buddha said, those who have realize the importance of life, can consider as the awaken one, or Buddha.
and I said, everyone who I met is my Buddha as I learn something from them.
My Parents are the Big Buddha for me...
My Siblings are my Buddha,
My Teacher, Friends and who so ever who...
Give me good stuff, helping me out, or whatever that made my life easier.
and God bless for those who gave me suffering, for giving me the chance to see through the meaning of life, and whatever that could improve my personality.
Well, thanks...

Well,some told me that, he or she's bad, and yeah, they are bad and shit or whatever awful things...
They taught you to be a better person so that you won't follow their foot step.
Well, again, it's life..

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