Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Visit to Youth and Sport Complex of Perak- Swimming Pool

Recently, I went to Youth and Sport Complex of Perak for some official visit with bunch of course mates...

And this is the main gateway that you should pass through if you wanna enter.
This is the place where some major swimming competition will take place at.

Basically, this is what you see outside the gate, bla bla, what time la how much la.. LOL

And of course, a "MASUK"(enter) sign for those idiots who don't know where to enter~

Kinda surprise that they have some awesome decoration, unlike those swimming pool out there.

Swimming pool can be divided into several parts, for kiddo, normal and deep one i think so lol.
There are 7 pools if i'm not mistaken

and lastly, a group photo! lol can you spot me?

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