Monday, April 20, 2009

Lord's Advice

Lord Buddha taught me a lot of things, where i don't eventually learned from somewhere else.

1. I learn how to be patient when I faced challenge on things that I can't hold on. Yea, I really got patient after that.

2. I learn how to be more open. I always think the bad way instead of the positive one. Slowly I understand the law of nature and observe the heart of mine and others.

3. Money is less important than any other things( friendship, family, love, just anything) plus, money is actually a symbolic.

During the time before there's any currency, human tend to use items to exchange for another items. That should be the real meaning behind it.
Do you think if that you're rich and you can live happily ever after? Think second time by looking at the paper. How many rich person got into shit trouble with robbery, kidnapping etc?
If you're rich, you need to worry about how to store you money, how to maintain it etc etc.

WOW! I rather to be shitty below average man where i can live in the style I wanted to. I might enjoy less, but I will do it another way to enjoy myself. The poor pupils way.

4.I learn to be satisfied with anything I had now. If you can't satisfied with what you have now, then you will never be happy with what you get later...

When you have the desire for something but can't get it, you will feel sad, suffer etc.
When you are satisfied with what you have, you felt happy and glad.

Why wanna be sad/ suffer when you can choose to be happy?

5. The world is round, so does our karma..

When you create happiness to others, you will feel happy too. ( try it to believe, might take a long time to get the effect.)
When you create anger with others, you know what shit stuff will happened.
When you give something to others, they will reply you with something ( but remember don't always think that others will reply you with something. give with your heart, not your desire.)

One more fact about this, NO ONE WILL TREAT YOU GOOD, IF YOU DON'T TREAT OTHERS GOOD FIRST. <<== prove to me if I'm wrong

That's what I realize from him so far.. will update myself and remain myself while telling and writing it out to others.

God bless you..

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Shu ChinG said...

Sighing, I stick in a trouble now. It become a challege for me to look for everything again..