Thursday, April 2, 2009

Confiscated Comic

Weeee, since I was posted as a trainee teacher at a school. I have the chance to enter the class.

So one day when I was teaching, some students shout! TEACHER TEACHER! HE'S DRAWING COMIC!

Then, I went and confiscate and saw that those comic isn't bad for his age...
Here's some of the comic =D

*Click on the pic to see larger size one ....

so.. it's fun to be a teacher XD LOL


Sarahlynn said...

i think you should give him back his comic.Its not a crime to draw.Someday he might be a famous comic/anime artist or the next Picasso.haha

Raymond~ said...

lol plan to gv him a better pencil to draw la..

he scare to find me..