Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ray's thought 1

I watched thousands of human being within my short period of life and some really made me having fun and laughing hard. I enjoyed what they had shown me and what they had taught me.

I learned to be thoughtful throughout my life, and being an observant person for not doing some idiotic mistakes though mistakes were often made. It's some kind of learning process but not with the dumb mistakes being made.

Everyone were born equally and would enjoy the heavenly goodness offered by our mother earth. Though some might not have a perfect body structures as other does but they were blessed with something else. One might be blessed with high intelligence, but ending up meeting the creator faster than every because of some unknown stresses from inside out.

Most of the human being were made equally and balanced either mentally or physically. Somehow, some human being tend to use their thought the wrong way out and there would be some jokes around for others to enjoy. While some learned the hard away to be with life.

Being treated unfairly seems to be an upset news, but it's not a true message that my Lord brought from the heavenly earth to us. God sent them to us just for training purposes where we need to be better so that we can be with Him no matter where we're. I thank God for everything He had done for me and for anyone who had taught me something in somewhere or somehow rather.

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chin yuen said...

i would call this and you as "post-Master.Jing.Kong.influence syndrome" or "后净空法师影响群候症" XD