Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being a Teacher

Seems to be so ambitious...
Dream of one and flow,
From what and where I wanted to,
Making me who I'm now,
are those who inspired me well,
It's totally different from what I see and what I'm doing.

I want to be one who can change the world,
by passing down what I had learned and what they should be learning,
so that This World, can be a better one.

Passion from theirs, had influence me to be who I'm today.
I'm no one if not because of Them.
I cried before, not because I'm touched or being down and sad.
But it's what They had passed down to me.
Not only the precious wealth They had taught me.
It's the morale and what a true human should be.

In the past, I'm too naive to understand whatever They told me.
I hate myself for being naive for that long and do not understand what They had told me.
Regretted and awoken from these terrified nightmare,
I thank all for making me a better man,
And I really hope I could realize all these when I were younger,
But I appreciate that I could be realizing all these at this very moment.
At least, I'm no longer losing in the unknown Grey zone.

I thank God for giving me strength to be who I'm now.
Showing me the celestial path that none had taken but Himself.
Mistakes might be made but from His words,
I changed much much more than ever.
I prayed hard, so that You could lead everyone to the real path.

Dear Pa and Ma, whom I loved the most.
You're my world...
Without You, I wouldn't be here writing these.
How long had I actually with you since I'm a cell inside You?
And I'm the lucky one that You had chosen me to be with Mom for 10 months.
Carefully carried for so long until I'm here.
How can I repay both of You?
I'm still searching for the Answer...
One day, I hope someone would enlighten me...

Bros and Sis,
You're my passion...
You show me everything that I should learn...
Whatever that You had affected me deep enough...
To follow Your way,
To create who I'm today.

All of these had taught me to be who I'm...
and being some one's teacher to educate them...

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