Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Lonely in the valley of emptiness,

only being followed by the wind of fuzziness,

I fonder on the day that we had together,

who else could understand the cold that none could bear?

Noise had arose from the outsider zone,

where there's so many being,

having some life that never had before by myself,

what could had be if I were them?

I felt nothing but swaying mind,

blowed by the rough wind,

that coax the winter me.

someday, it will forward, and march towards the never ending,

that we shall meet each other, on the valley of emptiness.

and revert it to the land that we had been together before.

Vanish! Valley of Emptiness!

you are no longer needed in my life, but

most of the time, you were with me.

we had became friendly towards each others

and started to appreciate it.

emptiness isnt bad after all,

if you need some space to go on.

Life it's that we should learn everything come to us,

and anything leave us behind.

while the mighty globe is round,

and so shall our heart be.


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