Monday, August 9, 2010

People will change,
from one to no one,
from no one to one,
from two to one,
from one to two...

who will be the one,
and who will be the two?
family will be the one,
then who will be the two?

it's all about numbers,
or it's all about truth?
only you're the one who knew it,
no one but you.

you're who you're.
and be who you want to be.
fly to where you want,
and be there and you will see.

sensing nothing from everything,
seems to be everything to evading.
making something from everything.
and suffering everything from nothing.

being something or someone,
is something or nothing,
living in the candle of light,
heading towards the holy light,
lighting yourself for others,
being forgotten after someday.
as candle, will be thrown,
after being used..
and will be forget.

it's a noble job,
where you rise and death.
for the next candle you may said.
or others than a candle mate.
death is nothing but life.
and life is about death.

we go and wait for another day,
we rise in wonderful day.
and we shall gone like a thunder day,
and we rise in a cloudy day.

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