Thursday, August 19, 2010


Early in the morning, I woke up at 6.57am but before the alarm could wake me up, My body alarm already wake me up at 6.56am and it's normal for me to experience these phenomena. I would turn around on my bed, twisting and turning really make me feel good in the morning.

Second thing would be texting someone who I cared about and walk towards wooden door and take a long deep breathe before carrying my Ipod into the loo and read on some news on Thestar, of course brushing my teeth and taking a bath which steamed up my day.

Once coming out from the bathroom, it's 7.15am which means 5 minutes before Potek will come over. So, turning myself into formal suit man while refilling my water tumbler. At 7.20am, he's already outside my house, calling me out and telling me that he would go to the college first. After he went off, I continued to get myself ready and ride towards the market to get some breakfast.

When I reached the market, monk wasnt there yet and so I walk into the market to seek for some food. I noticed that not much option for me to choose and at least I bought 2 yam cake, a yam puff, an egg tart and 5 sushi roll 'dim sum'. Before going off, I gave some food to the monk and chit-chatted with Ah Tee for 5 minutes and he told me that he will be leaving to Thailand today instead of tomorrow as what he had scheduled.

Nothing much happened during the way to college, just that the sky's clear and wonderful. I noticed that the sky within the few days are so pleasurable.

Upon reaching the college after I parked my bike. I was so bored to carry my heavy bag to climb three stories high just to reach my classroom. Nothing much happened than one of my classmate is sweeping the floor and throwing rubbish into the big black rubbish bin.

Phew, the goes my burden on my shoulder after I put away my huge bag and started to take out my breakfast and chew them hard! 1 dim sum + a piece of yam cake before Mdm Usha came into the class. Poor NPL had to carry heavy laptop and other bags too...

Presentation seems to be bored but discussion had stimulated most of my friends in the class where they started to defend themselves and ended up being wonderful without much argument between both parties. Well, I felt my presentation was a failure though, but who cares? haha~

Recess time where I had continued my second round of breakfast where NPL bought me a pack of fried rice, a pack of nasi lemak plus some banana cekodok. NICEEEEEE ~ *eat eat eat* *fat fat fat*

After eating, I was wondering around the class, lurking at each of every corner lending others my Ipod and playing along with them. Oh yeah, yongrin, lao koid and ah yow + me are having fun with the ANGRY BIRD application on my Ipod. Another of my concern will be changing Thai currency as I will be going to Hatyai next Friday! Hurray!

11.30am, Mr. Lau entered class and asked if we had any question on the research. I cleared my doubt on my research paper by asking him some of the detail and after that I head on to the library to settle my action research (interview transcription). I saw so many of my classmates photocopying... and what am I doing?

yong rin told me that he had not do any of his work and so do I. We chit chat around while waited for the time to get passed. I asked tai lou to come over too after noticing him while he was walking around. I asked him whether he will go for lunch and he said in 5 minutes time. Thus, I informed NPL that I'm going for my lunch.

My class ended at 1.30pm, but we rushed out before that and the guard let us go... Phewwww...

My lunch was the same again- Chicken rice. I tried to cut down my food intake by not ordering extra rice. Nothing much happened during that time but we discussed about the currency AGAIN. Oh, the drink I took was double apple juice. However, I don't feel like it's double.

After reached college after my lunch, I treated myself a stick of Choki-choki on the way walking to computer lab. Well, I do felt that the computer lab had NO QC at all. When will my college ever upgrade the internal structure than the external one? Seems like it will not happened in 20 years time.

I hate myself during this hour for being a emo bastard and hurt someone. Shame on you. Unit planning and everything seems so confusing and I do think that it's kind of bullshit to do this thing which MIGHT NOT BE related to my future undertaking.

Time to go back where I took my bath and said sorry to NPL for being a rude idiot and started to write this passage but when I written half way, I dozed off and wake up at nearly 7pm which I had a dinner with my colleagues in QE2 at Penang Island. I took my bath and get prepared.
My attire? Everything in white where I wore my new white trousers.

During the journey, I was amazed by the road where there are so little cars and other vehicles as they had their fasting period.
We uses ferry service to go over the Island which cost us RM7.70 and about 17 minutes to reach. Upon reaching QE2, we went to the wrong place at first before we reached the correct sides with all my colleagues waiting for us.

I was impressed by the design of the restaurant but soon after I read the menu, I was stunned by the price which was not quite acceptable for me. I chose Chicken Martini which cost RM42.00 while NPL chose some classical pasta at RM18.00-ish. We waited for so long before the dishes reached. Oh yeah, Birthday girl get a bunch of flower from her BF..

About the food.. 5/10 for me, while environment will be 8.5/10. After that? Hardcore photographing session while chit chatting with my colleague again. wei jin told me he wished to have a ship that can accumulate 10+ people on the deck and i told him that how about few hundred people on the deck enjoying. He was in shock and told me, SIAO AH.. and I told him, the ferry :D and lots more of stories going around.

12 midnight, all of us went back home and I followed Kaisheng's car to go home. It's raining while going back home. Once I reached home, I phoned my Mummy who had missed call me. She told me that she had came from cruise and enjoyed herself while Daddy too. Then I msn with NPL and bathed. At last, continue this dairy till now.. 2.15am.. good nite raymond!

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