Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living on a summer day,
where I woke up in a love day.

There's some birds singing,
while the rainbow shines.
It's not always,
but that's someway.
That the world, will favor you.
In a way...

Who can be control of their own destiny?
And some said they can.
while some others said they can't.
What is the fact of this truth?
No one knows it but you.
You're your own decision maker,
You make things happened.
Other than that, let the God decide it for you.

Living in the shadow of the mighty one,
we plea to him, and hopefully they will guide us
throughout our day and night,
making us a better living being
with a soul of kindness and not fallen being,
who condemned the world from being
a celestial heaven on earth.

Human being,
are family from one mother and one father,
but why are they hurting each other?
doing sinful things
o God, did you closed you eye
and gave up hope on us?
Please make all of us a better being.
News about those devilish act.
what could I do to make it a better place?

God, please hear my plea...
destroy those fallen one and leave peace on mother earth.

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