Thursday, January 28, 2010

There she goes

She was one important lady in my life
who makes my day,
different from other child.
Where I have my own gang of candy chewer.

Our memories start in a wonderful manner.
life seems so simple...
both of us get together.
it's the destiny we ripe within some year.
and we met again,
in this fanciful here.

It's here we met,
with the family we came.
when i were young, i dont know anything,
but know this nickname of yours.
which started which a "G"
and ended with a "R"

You're the one who give me courage
and power
to live

so much to live on and so much to say
that so much to talk of
and never ending fate.

how much we had been together
and how long had we stayed
and how others treating you
and you could say...

I dont know what's happening in between
you and them...
but from what I see now
it's just not fair

the unfairness
and the ill-treatment
of theirs
to you.

it's just, not what we're doing.
when you're sick,
there are not there.
even they do,
it's just so the sack of...
acting out
that they care,
but heck,
they dont...

What had happened actually?
Can i know?
can i know why they are like that?
i really wished to know...

your face's like a buddha,
whenever i see you,
my heart's calm,
and even you're nothing me anything
I know you care
for who i'm
and who you're.

I love your smile,
it's the purest,
from deep of your heart.

but why they dont care?
why they dont even bother to see you?
when they're here,
why when i always wanted to see you,
you're not there anymore.
going to see your beloved husband,
on the air.

some of them,
were so eager to wake you up in the morning,
when you will never wake up
forever again?

why wouldn't they wake you up,
when you're still able to?

They buy cars, house, and all sorts of interesting items
they give you money, gold and everything!!!
and send it to you with flames...
and you receive it in dust and ashes.

Why wouldn't they did all that,
when you're able to enjoy it?
when you're stay in it?
but to let you have all of it,
somewhere in the middle of the sky?

Life's a joke,
you had this funny little fellow who
come to claim your body as theirs.
and you fall to them.

and started to reclaim your body.
after a bloody fight.
but ended being hurt.

You can only sustain your body
with milk...
through a tiny little plastic tube
from the air...
through your nose, to your body...
it's very sick for me...
to feel your pain...

my heart is sore.
and realize that life is so tiny and weak

how ironic that they,
still don't want to see you.
and this kind of attitude,
is so disgusting.

May this kind of fate cursed upon you..and you and you and you...
for being so mean to her.

and now,
she's going to somewhere
that she's belong,
to continue her life
with her beloved, who leave her
18 years ago
when i was 5.

I wish you could open your eye to look at me
I wish you could talk to me
but seems like it won't happened.
it's ok, at least i know that you're still with me.

Good bye "G"rand Mother"R"
I love you so...