Tuesday, January 12, 2010

again we as human,
we're powerless to control some situation.

For those who does,
it can't be more than 99% of total control.
Unless, you're God.
Does God have 100% control against all?
In doubt now...

for trust,
we had in each other,
in the human world of civilization.

The strong structure of being together,
could be easily ripped off by single tiny object.
A gigantic building,
could easily fall apart,
ripped by a single brick that support the building.
and all the hard work,
gone by gone.

no.. no more..
for the broken object,
would never be perfect,
after a little crack or ripped off.
it might be repaired, but it will have scar there.
not for once, but for the rest of the building.

is an instrument that could makes communication between humans.
without knowing that,
can be as sweet as a candy,
as lethal as a poison.

what a wonderful world...
with the reality that,
it's connected to hell.
which related to the Chinese Yin Yang.

the more dangerous something is,
supposely it will be harmful to us.
sometimes it doesnt.
Funny but true.

Stress could be dangerous if too much of it.
but it does the magic to do something,
and it became something good.

so dangerous doesnt mean it's bad ...


nothing is good...
money is good if you have it.
but you will never be good,
when you have too much of it.
as things might happened to you,
as you have too much of it.

life it's...
this is my way of life.
well, it's time for me to change...
yet, it's still my life...
with both hell and heaven,
I endure in this way.

no one I could,
change or being sway.
that's the truth of life.

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