Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Educator and Meditator(monk)
both are teachers.

sometimes Im wonder,
who will live better?

both must have noble character.
and educate to be better,
the mission is simple,
just to educate the world.

both treated with respect,
but seems it's gonna be a fact.
Educator seems lousier,
than almighty Meditator.

we serve as the son of God,
to fulfill the desire of knowledge to others.
yet the treatment is differ.

Educator got scolded and cursed by the one he/she taught.
Meditator got respected and blessed by the one he/she taught.

life it's,
and this is the way i choose..
it might be so wrong ,'
and seems impossible ...
at least, it's not wrong.
and this is my way of life,
and how I was taught...
and who im..
be gone.

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