Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thank you for showing me the path

What's life if
There's ain't family in your life.

We're nothing if
There's no one to teach us since young.

Without the love
That had been poured to us.
We're again, NOTHING.

Everything seems so different IF
No one backs me up when I'm sad,
No one cares for me if I'm in need of care,
No one grants me the morality that the human being lacked of,
No one shows me what is Family,
No one teaches me how to be what I want to be,
No one defends me when I needed it the most,
and many more.

I thank them for showing me everything,
which some of the others might not be able to see,
I thank them for giving me everything,
especially for the loves and the supports that they give,
without asking anything for return.

Showing me what is Filial Piety,
by achieving what uncle and aunties couldn't achieve.
The way how both of you treat your friends,
Which is what I did to my friends now.
And I have lots of close friends.
as what you had too.

Showing me that Siblings are one important thing in life,
That I live and love them as much as I love both of you,
Equally, Unity and Love.

Thank you for everything which makes my life a wonderful and meaningful one.


yeekchia said...

nice.. i like it!

Anonymous said...
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Vikas Prajapati said...

A very Beautiful Poem......

I liked it