Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An old friend

I was really sad,
when a long lost friend of mine,
was lost in vain...
what should I do, and what could I do,

I search,
I pray,
I hope,
and I lost in fate.

Nothing happened at all,
I couldn't found him,
I knew I had lost my dearest friend.
A friend who I met in this never land.

Year flies,
Nothing come by,
But memories of his,
Shadowing my grimly heart.

Who could feel the pain of mine,
Encounter such plight of faint.
Darkness fall upon,
which conquer my day.

the word,
which ended with end,
which indicated that,
Friendship will end,
not now and then,
but one day.
and that's what I'm not wished for.

The day had crawl upon,
though the time we had was long,
enough for us to know and appreciate each others.
for now and forever.

I was down,
When I know you're not longer there.
with me,
showing me what is the time of life.

Million miles of road,
I shall look upon,
for you, my friend,
who lost and gone.

Time had gone,
and effort lost.
Nothing gain,
but ended fond.

Prayed hard,
Please do,
Hear my plea,
O, Goddess of the Angel.

Time had flee,
and nothing seems pleased
Heart of mine,
are shattered in piece.

God bless it is,
He's back in piece.
Looking at it,
That's nothing could beat it.

Oh my old friend,
You're here again,
Who leave so far,
and so long.
Yet, we met again.

Never would a word,
could express the
Joy and Excitement,

and so,
Here we're again.
Forever and Ever
Never End.

Mr. Roscani..

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