Saturday, October 3, 2009

thoughts again..

Life's a journey where you learn all the skills and knowledge of the world. However, it's quite happening that all of us doing the same thing over and over again for the whole life, and sometimes without even bothered what we had did to others.

We meet all sorts of human being, from our family members, relatives, to our friends. Not only that, we're surrounded by animals and plants. There are some good and bad ones.

For the good one, we try to maintain it and hope that it will last forever. Where else for the bad ones, we try to perish and banish it, hope that it won't ever come to you again.

Sometimes, life is always joking with us. The good one always disappear fast enough before we could actually get a hand on it. While the bad one always roaming within our self as if it's integrated in our body.

Depend on how we see the world, nothing is absolutely good nor bad. It's our thought which determine it.

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Samantha Janey said...

Yes, cherish everything around us and enjoy it to the best will be the way to make a good memories in our life^^