Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fond memory

As years passed by, we grow and laugh and smile and cry and fond with each other. How long will we be together?

As what had the God said, that happiness only comes awhile and so do sadness will stay not forever.

And if we know that these moment don't stay for eternity. Why do we still not be with each other when we know the truth? We don't have much time with each other now.

Aiming forever, seems to be impossible for anyone to achieve. But at least we had the memories that bond all of us together.

Every time that I'm not happy. I think and think, what could have I done, and what I had understand for this long.

Whether I really understand what God had taught me. How should I bring myself into this world. What's the role I should be in this sinful world. I pray to you, and I know you supply me with all the power and bless me without leaving anything to yourself.

I seek refuge from you, for facing whatever come to me every single minute and second within my life.

Every now and then, someone stop walking side by side with me. They went to find you, my lord. Had you seen them walking with you? Please let me know that I misses them very much.

I learned that when they leave me, I shouldn't be worry nor sad as they will always be with you. They will always be with you, as if you were be with me. I know they are still be me, although it's not physically, but spiritually, it's.

Life still need to go on, even if they were not with me. Some others that might left me, whom will go to others place to do something for someone. But I will never forget who you're that had been with me all along this time.

Thank you for everything