Friday, October 1, 2010

Who you are mirrored you family.

Who you are mirrored you family.
Everything you did, everything you reflect yourself upon,
I saw many example before, that who they are,
reflect upon their family.

It's their home, their family who brought them to be someone else.
and to shape them into someone else.
If someone is stubborn, we can know that someone from their family were stubborn too.
Thus, they learned it and show it to others.

What qualities one had, will reflect what qualities did your family had.
If you're lazy, and this will be applied to your family that they are lazy too...
Therefore it's very important for us to behave and think carefully for the sake of our family members.

I seen too many human being, who had those fine qualities within themselves.
Their family members are just as fine as them.
While those who own a bad qualities,
Their family members are just as bad as them.

If you love your family, Please love yourself..

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