Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictures bring tons of memories...
From age to everything.
The more I see,
The more I ponder,
The more I wonder,
Everything will remain as memories.

The time we spent together...
Sometimes, it's harsh and full of thorns.
but I realize that, without those thorns...
we won't be able to remember each other well.

Sometimes life is unbearable.
yet I still endure, as I know..
I'm no longer who I'm years ago.
The changes within myself.
It's just so special but not as special as what I thought.

Time really go away so swiftly...
It's like yesterday,
Where everyone I treasured still there,
In my eye... In my memory... In the eternal...

The more in my mind,
The day might come...
for all of us and no one are spared from it.
Sometimes, I think of it..
When will I be there with them?
or Are they still here with me?

Heart's aching,
and all I want is silence..

One said,
The more you want to see someone,
The more you won't be able to see.

Thinking of wonder,
and wonder what is it...
Where is it,
how is it?
who will be there
and how can I reach there?
Everything still in vain.
No one know the answer..
But I will find it out, sometimes, someday, somehow..

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