Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is unpredictable,
when you're having good dream all day long,
there will be always a nightmare followby.

when something bad had gone,
there will be always another badass coming back.
because there will no such thing as 100% good nor 100% bad.

and i'm such a foolish person,
who tried to break the law,
by creating 100% positive energy within a sphere.
i'm just too innocent..

everyone wants to have their wonderful life,
having their family hugging together,
enjoying their life and appreciating one and another.
and making me starts to wonder,
how is this possible and why is this impossible?

he's just like a hamburger meat,
being cover by multiple layer of breads, cheeses and others...
on top and below of it.
the burger will never be a burger if any ingredient missed from where it supposed to be.

just like a family,
a family will never be a family if any of the family members missing due to some reason.

being someone who i want to be,
and how i wish what i wished had come to be.
the feeling are bad and funny.
and how i wish that's not a reality.

life is funny,
everything seems so cheesy,
and seems so tricky.

problems we faced might be challenge,
but the more challenge we undergo,
the stronger we're,
and the more understand we have.

arguement is nothing but an oil,
where nothing can be done but anger raging quicker,
burning the oil like wild fire,
fire can be put off,
by the correct way and how it should done,
time might be water, but it will never helps to put off the fire.
sand, its sand that can be done.

it's depend on the one who choose how to put off the fire,
whether will the fire to clear off or done.

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