Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tought of mine IV

It's something very funny, where human always blame others without actually looking at oneself.
Some people are really bad with their own attitude and yet they blame others for being an idiot when they did something the same to others.

Why can the human be so funny?
Why is LOVE blind?
There are a lot of guy and lady around the world and why the hell, some of the human are not able to choose their partner in term of their attitude, cleanliness and so on...

While some others, dare not to confess their feeling and giving tons of excuses just because they scare of the fact that they will get rejected?

Why some of the people are so idiot that they eventually tried to make up non-sense story when they could did it but are lazy to do?

Why some idiots tend to be so lazy to do something that should be done and bonded to their responsible but make it like they are right. They didn't even show concern and act like they don't know anything. Wow!

Why do human need to cover themselves with all sorts of markup, wash and clean their face with whatever kind of beauty products but ending up fail to cleanse their attitude and heart?
Then what is the use of those products?
Are human actually forgotten what is the beauty that one human being should have?
It's the inner beauty, not the outer one.
So why bother buying thousand or hundred of ringgit worth of items to clean your ass face but fail to realize that your biggest mistake that should be cleanse is your inner beauty ?

You maybe pretty on your appearance, but if you have lousy inner beauty, sooner or later, you will rot as your outer beauty will fade as age coming by.
However you inner beauty doesn't fade at all.

Life it's, and human are still so ignorant that they look for the temporary beauty but not the eternal one...

well.. to be continue...

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