Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lesson I

I shall act as an idiot, don't bother about what is happening.
Why do I want to be clever? and get myself a dump of shit on myself?

Why do i care so much? This is not suppose to be my job.
Helping others are a tough job, really hard.
Sometimes if you did help them, they said they deserve it.
Sometimes if you didn't help them, they said you selfish.

What do I get when I help?
I get nothing, but sometimes I get some funny name like Selfish.
What is my problem now? being a fish seller?

Life is funny, Life is tough, and full unexpected event.
Sometimes it's excited and sometimes it makes you die.
What should I be, an Angel or a demon?

Live like an Angel but not being appreciated like an Angel.
Should I be the fallen Angel?
Shall I destroy the humans? Or being an Angel helping others around...

Does All angel will be fallen angel sometimes?
God is always right, but angel isn't God, is he?
So Angel will be punished to dead too?

No more clever me.. Bye bye to clever me,
And say hi to idiot me..

1 comment:

chin yuen said...

aih... sometimes good ppl r hard to b.. when u expect help or help ppl, things sometimes may not happened as it should b... so d best way is DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING! den u won't have any gain-loss heart.. n hence u wont feel so bad when things happened d way it shouldn't b... im not good in comforting ppl, n dono whether wat i wrote correct onot, but juz take it ez k bro? things wil fade as time goes by.. take k ya ^^