Friday, October 3, 2008


it have been really long that one might gone too far for the other one.

"Everyone have it's limitation" - ???

I was brought up in a very strict and traditional family where I was being bring up with serious attitude when facing the challenge. On the other hand, I'm a joker who like to joke around friends. i love to see my friends laughing around me, enjoying themselves around me without having much bad feelings.

I enjoy plenty full of wonderful friendship around me which God blessed me. And i thank all of my friends for being able to cope with my jokes, and some seems might over and end up hurting others. yea, shame on me..

yes, i mean i hurt one of my best buddy in my life.

i have a buddy. not knowing him really long enough, kinda like since secondary school but i really like his attitude for being a friendly and cheerful guy. a happy go lucky guy who have actually 'over' kind-hearted which make others to use him. most of the time, i will try to hint him and most of the time, it doesnt seems work. again and again, he's being use and i know i cant use the soft way, so i carry on using the direct way where i tell him face to face about the matter, and he told me, it's totally alright. i dont like those who eventually take advantage of others and i mean it.


for time to time, i will still sometimes remind him about that.

he's more or less consider a shy guy who rarely express himself who i refer to a lone ranger. sometimes i really felt so sad because i couldnt make him a better man on expressing his own feeling. chances and a few more chances was given to him. but it's just gone like that. i really blame myself because i failed to make him to be brave on expressing his feeling.

again, i'm fail as a friend to help him out.

just like driving, i tend to overshoot my words and again, hurt others without myself knowing that. and definitely someone is going to be hurt really deep. and I already hurt one.

Sometimes helping others to change are so hard. every single time i try to help someone. something will happened. just like the recent problem which only a few pupils know about it.

well, shooting others with the intention of helping is not going to help. and im going to prove that to my parents. basically this is what the chinese community does.

SHOOT = Help. <<== do not work!

Dear A,

I'm sorry for all the mistake which i had done which make you hurt so deeply and thank you for letting the matter to go smoothly without any argument going on. i really appreciate for letting me the chance to say Sorry to you and salute you for the Big Heart you have there!

and again, please accept my apologies and hopefully the passage above answer all your question.

Lastly, i really dont want lose a friend like you.

p.s : my eye is red now =x


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Anonymous said...

i learnt in life, never try to change anyone. regardless which method u use. i tried that too.. soft and hard way, wont change the way the behave. so, i let it be. let them live the way they want.