Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FOOD ! My most wanted Char koey Tiowww in Malacca~

Yea, Penang have their Famous Char Koey Tiow.
so? Malacca also have their own Malacca Char Koey Tiow.

This is Saturday Ice Cafe. An traditional cafe located roughly 200m from the A'Famosa Fort. This shop operation during 12pm - 5pm( depend on the char koey tiow uncle also).

This is the uncle who fried the most wonderful char koey tiow in Malacca.
For your info, every time i brought my friends here for the food, they will definitely give a thumb up for it. Rating are always more than 8 over 10. WOOT imagine!

The secret of Char a great Koey Tiow? I asked uncle.
Experience and 'QI' of the WOK, that being use.
or in simple, the heat of the WOK must be sufficient to clear off the koey tiow's weird smell and add a splendid taste within it.
Char Koey Tiow is sooooo Magical =D

Uncle are so friendly, which actually attracted me since i was a young boy.
Uncle was here since long time ago, like 10+ years ago.
Once i speak to him, actually he had his own story behind why he still wanted to work so hard, not because he wanted to earn, but.... ( you can ask him personally for his background.)

Ha, I asked uncle to put up a post for me to snap a picture of his!
Damn i love uncle's spec, it's soooo stylo!
however, it take me so long for asking him to post for me, because there are lot of customers waiting for his koey tiow.

Jeng jeng jeng~ this is the Char Koey Tiow that i mention about, although it have no prawn but it still taste DAMN good. oh, there are some special sos too, but i forgotten to capture it.

The first munch in ur mouth, will make you more suprise and wanted to stuck more uncle's char koey tiow in your mouth! it's soothing and make you feel like u're in heaven. you will understand what i told you once you eat it.
Believe it? yea you better do! otherwise you will regret..

so, how much is it? oh my, dirt cheap!
a special + egg(which is hidden inside) only cost you a simple RM3.00
GOD! what are u waiting for? RM3 for a wonderful moment!

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