Monday, November 12, 2007

Uncle.. finally?

Whenever I met someone new, they will definitely over-estimate my age, maybe like 5-10 years more.

worse thing still, for nothing I had some goody nick name "uncle" from my fellow buddies. thanks to my face XD

somehow, i won't talk about this topic in this post, for instance, now im officially an uncle XD

Jeng Jeng jeng jeng ~ my new born niece~

She was born in Philippine at 11 November 2007 =D Therefore, she's one day old by now! Horrayy!
and of cause she is getting older XD

She looks so cute XD adorable and what else ~ woot ~
hm.. she looks like those chef also eh...

WA! so lansi la.. dowan look at uncle ! nvm!!

Gosh.. so lil already know how to do posting.. ish..
Wanna act cool eh?

and this one is with her "tom boy" hair style ~@@~

Anyway, I will away from 3 of Dec till 10 of Dec to Philippine to visit my niece ~ by then i will update more pictures for u guys ~