Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trip to Lumut + Pulau Pangkor~

While I was away for so damn long after my last post about being an uncle, I had a trip with a group of friends for some courses nearby Lumut which is at Kampung Baharu, about 2km from the Jambatan Sungai Perak~

While I was on the bus, the person incharge told me that I'm going to stay at K.B Chalet. And i was like ~ woot! SO grand?

but... the things turn out really "grand"... yea.. DAMN GRAND!

There you go ~

This is how it's looks from the extrior~ i was like.... WAT THE HELL?

And some of my group members Slambering about..
oh yea, about the Chalet, it's used mostly for those courses and training stuff. it's totally out of my expactation that i need to come so far just to stay here.. sux

One more fact is that there are many flies and moskitoi wondering around this "grand" Chalet.
Therefore every morning i will have all my body being kissed by those blood-sucker and flies~
my god~

For what i observe about the Chalet, I think that the wooden chair is one of the best i can find. dont mention about the "interior design" it's totally suck arse..

And the cutest thing i can find is this cat... showing me it's TULAN face to me when i wanna snap it's picture ~@@~
other than this cat.. i dont think anything is cute enough to attract my attention XD
Oh yea, forget to intro about that place, it's a fishing village just beside the Perak river and all the villager there are mostly fisherman.

I'm lucky enough to stay awake in the evening to snap some pictures around that place and above is one of em.

Warning: tho this picture looks so charming, but when you reach that place, you will definately give up XD

at the middle of the picture, there are a few floating house around it. i have no chance to go in to that place because i was told that the place is not available for public ~@@~

and another on while i was wondering around the place. during this picture being taken, i was being kissen by those bloody moskitoi! OUCH!

For you infomation, those moikitoi live near beach is normally smaller and when that moskitoi kiss you, it's way more itchy then the normal moskitoi that we used being kissed by XD

During the afternoon, i went to the lil town and started to walk around that area. and that place is full of dead fish smell ~ hooorayyyy.. im dying ..

while walking, some of the girls in my group wanted me to act cute, otherwise they won't allow me to get back my camera..

great, that's the idiot picture v(0.0)v

Oh yea, during that night. my group have nothing to do and plan to sit down in the canteen and started to chit-chatting around. After a few minutes of crapping and this girl, call April begin a joke..

"There's a passanger on the plane who is very troublesome and asked the air-stewardess to come over, and asked her:" Can I have a Pack of cigar?"(while pointing his middle finger to the air-stewardess)* the middle finger means 1 in this story*

the air-stewardess felt so uneasy and asked the man again and the man repeat the same stuff again and asked to nego with the supervisor.
When the lady supervisor came to the man and politely asked what the man want, the man again repeat the movement.

and this time the lady supervisor told the man:" Yes mister, please wait 2 minutes".( While showing the man 2 middle finger)

Below is the "Live"
show from April herself, somehow the video is only recorded when she's talking about the story...

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Kellwin_kong said...

wa.. so enjoy in that camp..
happy holiday lo
if i lucky i will see u again in IPTB lo