Tuesday, February 7, 2012

winter or summer,
it's just like a mirror,
falling through the mountain cliff,
i see people who are still struggling to climb up,

this is the thing i wonder,
why life could be such a loser,
when people came from places,
that no one actually care and wonder,

how i wish life were easier,
but the fact seems so fake and harder,
than anything that come to my ear.
struggle and ponder,
how and why should my life will make me better.

living in the concrete jungle,
struggle to end the rat race,
and tried to live happily ever after,
with people i fond the most,

but life seems to be unpredictable,
with sands and storms,
thorns and spikes,
blocking and disturbing
for the destiny that i wanted for.
life might be lonely,
as if a human body with empty soul in it.
i had wonder and ponder hard
am i a zombie?
or should i call myself one?

sometimes i tried to go through all the hardship
with only me and myself.
and end up being beaten by myself too.
seems like being someone is harder than i thought,
while living in the shadow of my own.
or not...

travel so far...
from a place that have a fond memory,
i tried to smile and tried to endure,
the challenge seems unbearable and cruel,
i still act tough and continue
hopefully everything will be fine,
i know it will.

the moment might be suffering
and heart burning,
i believe time will wash everything away
especially the bad ones.
pretty please?

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