Friday, February 19, 2010

It's mr Toad, saying that he's too lonely
How I wish that,
he could said
something that i know
and understand.

it's the life that he had gone through.
hardship of life.

I see the world.
rich and poor
young and old.

and everyone still live on.
with only what they have
and what they had

it's just like nothing,
for one who said
nothing to get.

something is nothing
nothing is something

when you know that everything
is opposing you
and dont be sad

because it's what you're thinking
and listen to your heart.
what your heart is thinking
and feeling

can we fly?
in dream
or where ever we could

some of them,
tried it before reaching the earth,
from a high building.

is that how they say
to their heart.
and there goes ..

leave over
nothing but
for the one love them.

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