Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Something special

Every minute in my life i had a great moment, regarding the person around me nor the things happen within my life.

it's such a day, where my mom suffered the most to led me, arriving to this fantastic world of wonderer.

one might wonder what im talking about, ponder about the sentence i written above

The gift i received, was kinda sweet for a kiddo, soft toy. while another hand, i had a Polo belt from the same person. however, the person's identity will remain in secret.

Why soft toy? everyone have a child living in their heart, so do i. having such soft toy make me so 'childish' again, i would just jumping and hopping around like monkey.

yea, im still a child in my heart, and everyone else should.
I look upon the eye of the toy, i get the message for being a wonderful person which could hold the heart to accept anyone without concerning their races or other status.

Dont forget, im Malaysian, and i suppose to be that in my heart. i always think, how can i bring the LOVE to my surrounding. by offering care? somehow i do not think that MOST of the homosepian in the world will appreciate it.

some of them think that the care and love from their parents, are something that THEY DESERVE. Im really sad and bother about the statement which come across mind and mouth.
How far can this fact to be true as more and more elderly were being sent to old folk home.

Sweet memories together, is what i had implant it into the self-made wallpaper. Memories are the only thing that we can bring forward after we go off from this fancy world.

Every moment in our life, will determine how great or how well a person would be, either in the present life, or after life. Heart is what we wanted in relationship. no doubt that, without any commitment between on and another, there will not be any LOVE going around.

have you ever say ' I LOVE YOU' to your loved one? if not, Please do it right now.
Take out your phone and ring up them, you mom, dad, siblings or whoever you care.
and tell them how much you care about them.

P.S : Do use the wallpaper if you want, and give me some rating for that =) Cheers!

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Shu Yi said...

do u know that tis bear is called "me to you". special right?=)