Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is my life - Ocean

Where is this..
where did the God sent me to..

This is my life, with the ocean within my heart,
i said how could this happen to the ocean,
human being destroy it with all their might!
just to get a lil penny to survive.

ops.. ok keep on going for blogging- this is about the place i stay.
Portogis Settlement - Seaside~

Mud-skipper on the mud ~ doink doink~

and some kiddo playing around, if im not wrong, he is a copy cat! copy mud-skipper skipping on the mud.

a couple was snapping their wedding photo at the "couple bridge" or well known as 情人桥.
kakakka.. when the bride was showing off his shoulder , i snap them ~

Some birdy ~

some kiddo running on the couple bridge~

this is the scene you will see if you were there by the time i was there~ 6.30pm

another scene for the bridge~ 6.45pm

while i waited so long, nothing to do~ CAM WHORING ~ hahah

Before i go back this is the last photo i took~ 7.05pm

~ End story ~

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