Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life with our beloved

Once i have come over these pictures and it does trigger some of my thoughts.
Read through and ponder about life with our parents

When you are still very young..

They spend a lot of time,
to teach you how to use spoon and chopstick to eat.

teach you how to wash your face,
teach you to comb your hair.

Teach you to wipe your nose,
teach you to wipe your buttock.

teach you to wear clothes,
tie your shoe,
and clothes button

Teach you the moral of being a useful person.

Do you still remember that you always force and ask them,
to tell you where you actually from.

Do you still remember,
the first childhood song that you practice and learn?


when the day they become old...

When they started to use their meal but leave dirtiness in their clothes...

When they always mumbling and repeat their old grandmother stories...

Please do not reprimand nor angry them...

When they forget how to pin in their clothes' button and tie their shoe tie...

When they can't remember or can't follow up the talk...

When they combing their hair,
hands shivers non-stop...

Please do not rush nor push them,
because when you're slowly grown up,
simultaneously, they slowly grown old.

It's only when you're in front of their eye...

They heart will felt very warm and loved

Please hold their hand,
and slowly accompany them to walk through the path...

As if...

As if the younger year where they hold your hand,
just like how you going to hold your family.

After you read this and you have not express your love
to your lovely Parents,

If they are just nearby you,
Please give them a sweet hug,
a kiss,
and tell them...
"I Love You, Mom and Dad"

If they are far away from you,
Please take out your mobile phone,
tell them that,
"I Love You, Mom and Dad"

If they are really far away on the other dimension,
Please use your heart,
tell them that,
"I Love You, Mom and Dad"

If you do it now,
you will never know,
after 20,30,40,50 years later
your sons,
your daughters,
will tell you that,
"I Love You, Mom and Dad"

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